a.k.a Joan Pasqual Chorro López





Writer, producer, editor, cinematographer.


Born and raised in Valencia (Spain) with a passion for writing and creating new worlds.

In 2014 after many years of developing my writing skills I decided to take on one of my biggest challenges yet and created my first fully-fleshed project ‘Amores Anónimos (The Love Club)’. In the form of webseries it followed the lives of 5 different characters and portrayed their own view of the world and how they deal with life.​

After taking charge of writing, producing and editing the whole show I fell in love with the process and decide to embark on my next adventure – obtaining Higher Education in Filming and Production of Audiovisual Projects and Shows.

During my studies I mastered the art of editing, improved my camera skills and learned every step involved in the process of bringing to life any audiovisual project, either TV, films or theater. I am confident in my skills and I believe that I am more than capable to handle all three of them.

In the final stages of my academic life I was given the chance to work in television broadcasting during the evenings. This was an incredible opportunity that helped me gain valuable industry skills alongside my studies. I worked there for a year and became a key member of the team.

I took part in almost every programe produced in the studio, from the news to entertainment shows and heated televised debates. I started as a camera man and worked my way up to becoming a show runner of a show. I ended up taking part in all essential roles from the control room.

Graduating with the highest grades from my class, I took part in an international internship where I worked for a London based award winning charity that promoted multiculturality through the production of musical events and fashion shows. My role involved editing videos of the live performances and runways and creating animated adverts for the events, which helped me expand my graphic design skills. Out in the field I played the roles of a personal assistant and camera operator, perfecting what I had already done in the past.

Once the internship was over I decided to move to London and start a new chapter in my life. I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a part of the entertainment industry and I have been working on that dream ever since.